Special screws, rivets and half-bored rivets


Corbetta is what it is today only thanks to Ermanno Corbetta who, in 1969, after having learned the job as an employee in few companies in Lombardy, decides to start up his own business.

Helped by two business partners, he transforms a small place in Carate Brianza (Monza) into a real workplace where, with only two makeshift machines, he starts to produce rivets for hinges.

Competence and enthusiasm are the key and soon the activity takes over the screws production, acquiring the machines needed.

With an established fair lot of business, the company needs a better site and in 1973 is moved to a wider plant in Besana Brianza (Monza).

And it is here that Corbetta during time, despite few changes at the top, lives a constant development thanks to the foresight of its founder and the entrance into business of his two sons, Mauro and Fabio, who have been by his side for over twenty years now.

The company today

The current production range includes three categories of fasteners: screws, rivets and pins.

This offer is entirely composed by special items following customers' drawings: from low carbon steel threads (40%), heat-treated steel (20-30%) stainless steel (10-15%) to aluminum, brass and copper.

It satisfies more than 200 customers, 50 of whom represent the core, operating in the automotive, furniture, household and electrical appliances and hardware sectors.

The company, with the contribution of 10 employees, produces circa 700.000 items per day, covering orders that can range between 20.000 to millions of pieces; the 45% of the turnover derives from the direct export towards Germany, Austria, Holland, France, Belgium, Tunisia, Libya and even Australia.

Cherry on top is the Quality Certification ISO 9001, obtained in 2010 and renewed in 2017 with the achievement of ISO 9001:2015.